Del 6 al 10 de agosto se llevó a cabo en el Instituto Nacional de Investigación del Espacio (INPE, por sus siglas en portugués), Sao Paulo, Brasil, la semana AmeriGEOSS 2018. Aerobots por medio de su gerente general Jorge Jaar, participó con la presentación «Uso de aeronaves autónomas para recabar información durante la emergencia de la erupción del volcán de Fuego del 3 de junio de 2018».

The AmeriGEOSS initiative is a framework coordinated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), that seeks to promote the collaboration and coordination among the GEO members in the American continent, “to realize a future wherein decisions and actions, for the benefit of the region, are informed by coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information in the four Societal Benefit Areas: a) Agriculture, b)Disaster risk reduction, c) Water, and d) Biodiversity and ecosystem monitoring.” Within this framework, AmeriGEOSS week is planned to become an annual meeting where the AmeriGEOSS community gathers to reflect on progress, plan to meet the priority needs in the focus areas identified in the region as highest priority (mentioned above) and provide training in the use of Earth observations.

Aerobots was invited to participate in the event due to the positive impact that the products generated during the Fuego volcano eruption had on members of the GEO group and NASA. Aerobots presentation indicated that the use of autonomous aircraft as immediate source of information for search and rescue activities aims to be feasible and safe during emergencies when satellites are not able to provide information.


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