Our analysis of sugarcane regrowth allow modernize an agricultural practice that so far generated much uncertainty and it is vital for cane production process. The count of empty spaces through traditional processes generate a lot of uncertainty and are not entirely effective since it is not always guaranteed that the seed is placed where it is needed. Aerobots has designed a process of detection of empty spaces of regrowth in sugar cane that guarantees greater certainty in the amount of seeds to replant, as well as a better distribution of this in the field. From our high resolution aerial photography, vegetation indices and algorithms developed by our team, a product is generated that allows a better information management in the field and guarantees a greater population of sugarcane stems.

Some of the benefits of our product are:

  • More precise quantification of empty spaces due to bad regrowth of the sugarcane.
  • Better distribution of the seed for a more efficient labour.