We develop most of the technology we use, this makes our success rate 100% on our implementatios.

Data collection and analytics

We collect drone data as well as satellite data. We make software analytics to interpret this data.

Drone crop spraying

We use XAG drones with the highest performance to spray crops efficiently and accurately.

Early fire detection

We develop and integrate early fire detection technology at large scales.

Irrigation systems automation

We automate irrigation systems optimizing the operation, reducing costs and increasing crop yield.

Transforming agriculture

We believe on a more sustainable future leveraging on emerging technologies applied in agriculture.

Data collection

Drones for data collection should be selected depending on the mission. We have different options. Our AFP-300 can collect data at rates higher than 2,000 hectares per hour being the most efficient in the industry.

Data analisis

The value of information in agriculture is higher every day. Our teams are experts in converting data into actionable insights that lead optimizing agricultural operations lowering costs and increasing yields.

XAG Drones

For a successful drone crop spraying operation to work, the adequate training and support systems must exist. Our teams have great experience on training and guiding our customers into successful implementations of the technology.