Our Focus

From Data to Useful Information

Our UAV’s take high-resolution photographs in color and near-infrared (NIR) of areas from 10 to 60,000 hectares


Our cloud-based data processing system can stitch and produce maps and digital elevation models at amazing speeds


We use proprietary algorithms to identify the most common weeds and pests that affect sugarcane. We help customers understand the data and produce useful information.

About Us

4 years
1,500 flight hrs
500,000 hectares

Aerobots is a world leader in UAV-based large-scale photography. We currently operate in Guatemala, where we are the first company of this type to be certified by the local aviation authorities (DGAC). We have integrated UAV, photography and software technology to provide an optimised solution for sugarcane agriculture.

Our customers include 70% of Guatemala's sugar producers.



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